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Reputation Management Service

It's undeniable that a consumer's perception of a company or brand can affect whether or not they choose to purchase a product or service, and for almost any company, that perception is formed in the digital realm in today’s day and age. Managing a brand's online reputation means keeping tabs on how its consumers see it online, and also respond strategically if and when the brand needs any damage control. Our brand reputation management service focuses on keeping our clients' good names in reviews, on social media, and in Google's search results. Management of one's online reputation depends heavily on online reviews and consumer engagement in social media platforms. It takes consumers, on average, 10 reviews of a local business before they start trusting it.

About PRP’s Brand Reputation Management Services

Because a company's online reputation can have a significant impact on potential consumers' purchasing decisions, we keep tabs on it on a frequent basis. This is an ongoing process because it gives clients the chance to shape public opinion and deal with any negative developments, if and when they arise. Customers are more likely to remain loyal to a brand when they have a favourable impression of it.

A negative reputation can be devastating to sales and customer retention, but it also helps you learn about what people enjoy, which can be important for upgrading corporate operations to better suit consumer needs. PRP often conducts research and listens in on client-related discussions to gauge consumer sentiments about the brand. Client feedback is taken very, very seriously by PRP’s brand reputation management team and these inputs are implemented in the brand management masterplan.

Our Brand Management Reputation Strategy Comprises the following Steps:


We First do a Detailed Research and Audit of the Brand

An investigation into a brand's existing reputation is the first stage in managing and boosting that reputation. At this stage, we scour the web for comments and discussions pertaining to our clients’ brands. A brand's reputation can only grow and flourish only if it is first established how people are talking about it currently. This can be done by reading consumer reviews of the brand’s product or services on social media, the brand’s Google rankings, and rankings on other search engines. Once these primary methods are used to audit a brand, we go a step further and audit our client’s competitors, the kind of keywords they are using to up their search engine rankings, etc. As we do this, we also separate the legitimate comments and feedback of consumers from the unpleasant ones that are posted by competitors or by people that post negative comments that are not genuine.


We then Create a Brand Management Strategy

Once we have an understanding of how consumers view our client's brand, it is time to create a strategy to refurbish and enhance the brand’s reputation. In the event of there being more bad than good feedback about the brand, we implement strategies that enhance positive consumer interactions with the organisation. This necessitates the development of a unified approach to management. We accomplish this by conducting constant investigation and keeping an eye on online buzz pertaining our client’s brand. For this we interact with the organisations frontliners such as salespersons and customer support executives because they have the most experience and training in dealing with consumers. We also keep an eye on the online buzz about the brand and answer consumer queries on the brand’s behalf. Based on our familiarity with consumer–brand interactions, we determine which comments and evaluations of the brand’s products or services are genuine and warrant a reply.


We use the Art of Defusing Tensions That is our Brand Management Teams Most Potent Ammo

If we cannot maintain a consistent tone while responding to comments and dialogues about a customer, we might as well not bother. For example, if a client responds to criticism brutally and replies to nice comments with sugar coated replies, it will do more harm than good. We design a consistent tone guide that the client uses when answering and stick to it.


We do Constant Analysis and Streamlining of the Brand Management Process

Action is taken by PRP in response to comments, criticism, and reviews. Constant changes need to be made in brand management strategies depending on how fast and how much we are able to alter consumer sentiments. These sentiments are reflected in consumer comments online and it tells us what part the client's business need more attention. We take note of both consumer bouquets and brickbats. The trick of reputation management is responding promptly to consumer complaints, suggestions, and reviews, and making ongoing adjustments in the strategy depending on these inputs. It takes constant work to monitor and control a client's internet reputation. It's important to remember that just because a problem has been solved today, it is not guaranteed that it will stay that way forever. In short, our brand reputation management team virtually becomes a client’s watchdog.

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