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What is Crisis Management?

Put simply, the term Crisis Management describes the process of addressing and recovering from unforeseen incidents that cause disruption for an organization's internal and external stakeholders. This is the method by which a company adapts to sudden cultural shifts. Managers can benefit from PRP’s crisis management services because it allows them to plan for the future in the face of ambiguity. Also, it's a great way to help companies sense the beginnings of a problem, so they can prepare for its aftermath by alerting their staff.

About PRP’s Crisis Management Services:

At PRP, we have a dedicated and professionally crisis-management team that handles crises that brands face in its entirety, not just in bits and pieces, so that a permanent solution can be devised. Our services help businesses deal with challenges and setbacks—that are bound to arise in any organisation in any sector—head on and nip the problem at its bud.

In this way, we assist our customers in coping well with any abrupt, unpleasant challenges that an organisation might face. Our clients are assisted by our crises management team in identifying and analysing the factors that contributed to the crisis, and they are provided with tools to help them weather the storm.

Our crises management process comprises the following steps:


We Cover Every Aspect of the Process that is Facing Crisis

Our method is geared toward assisting both management and employees in assessing and making sense of events that could result in crisis or ambiguous situations in the company. Thus, the client is better prepared to adapt to shifts in the culture of the business.


We Chalk out Fool-Proof Plans for Prevention, Containment, and Mitigation of Crises

We first identify the process that is hit by crisis and then pinpoint the crisis. Once that is done, we our crises management team consults with all stakeholders and then make use of our media sources in order to address the situation properly. The plans that we draw out for managing crises are always kept flexible so that any unforeseen problem can also be taken care of.


We Deploy Effective Communication Strategies to Ensure that all Stakeholders are on the Same Page

Stakeholders in a crisis situation need to keep open lines of communication and put up their best effort in order to weather the storm. When stakeholders are feeling nervous or hesitant, we encourage them to break all communication barriers and speak their minds. A very important stakeholder in any crisis is the brand’s consumers. We therefore keep lines of communication open between the crisis-ridden organisation and its consumers, along with other stakeholders such as employees and the media.

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