About Us

The Company Culture

The company culture is extremely encouraging and motivating. We believe that teams deliver the best results when working together as every idea counts. We invest into understanding the requirements of the clients and suggest tailor-made and creative solutions that deliver maximum impact. We ensure that all individuals are respected and enable a healthy and creative environment for the team.

The Company Direction

In our eyes, communication is all about pushing people to care – about the message, the product, the brand, the organization, the relationship. And the result? We build connections so strong that the brand flourishes and grows. This is what makes us a unique PR agency.


We are proud to present a team with world-class skill and expertise who can offer you the results that you need and when you need them. We understand the requirements and customize it the smarter way.

Advisory Board

Mr. Sudhir Kumar Sinha
Mr. Rahul Dev
Mr. Sidharth Mishra
Prof. Manoj Dayal
Mr. Vijoy Prakash
Mr. J. P. Dhaundiyal
Mr. Deepak Kumar Jha
Mr. Yogendra Prasad

Team Members

Sarvesh Tiwari
Sanjay Gupta
Abhishek Kumar
Mithilesh Kumar Tiwari
Ravi Kumar K
Sudeep Sengupta
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